Community Post: 21 Underappreciated Disney Songs

1. Topsy Turvy from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”

I feel that this movie has one of the best scores in all Disneydom. This song is a great upbeat company number that first incorporates Quasimodo into the outside world. And the actor that plays Clopin, Paul Kandel, is a fierce singer. Have you heard his last note in the opening number? NOT EASY.

2. Baby Mine from “Dumbo”

You may as well rip your heart out and stomp on it. I tried to listen to this song and started to cry, and then called my mommy. This song is not for the faint of heart and neither is this dumbo gif. It’s a beautiful and emotional song that normally gets swept under the rug.

3. When We’re Human from “The Princess and the Frog”

Not to be confused with “Human Again”, but these similar concept songs both sing about how they wish to be returned to their human forms. This fun little jam was written by Randy Newman…which is surprisingly a much different style than his normal “You Got a Friend In Me” track.

4. Les Poisson from “The Little Mermaid”

I bet you’re thinking…IS THIS EVEN A DISNEY SONG? Indeed it is, and if you think this doesn’t count then just put the “Les Poisson” from the musical in it’s place. Both hilarious.

5. Candle on the Water from “Pete’s Dragon”

If you were ever in the 5th grade chorus it is very likely that you have sung this little song. There is a chance you didn’t even know it was a Disney song, or that “Pete’s Dragon” is a Disney movie. Learning already—don’t you just love Buzzfeed!

6. You Can Fly from “Peter Pan”

You’re probably looking at this and thinking, “I should watch this movie, I haven’t seen it in 12 years!” Well you should watch it again, because everyone forgets about poor Peter (although he doesn’t seem to notice.) My favorite part about You Can Fly is the chorus. Did you ever stop to think that this ENTIRE song is a choral piece. It’s the women singing, then the men and none of the characters sing. You may not have noticed this because you are watching the character fly around London, but go to youtube and take a listen! It’s great!!

7. Stand Out from “The Goofy Movie”

This song is fabulous. I mean it’s like the Michael Jackson of Goofy’s world. Also Max goes to such extremely lengths to impress a girl at school and you can’t help but admire that type of dedication. Also, the lyrics are so literal (as the best are). “Gonna stand out—till you notice me.” Yes, the point of standing out is to be noticed.

8. God Help the Outcast from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”

I’m sure you’ve seen that I think pretty much all the songs from this movie are under appreciated. This is a fantastic song from an excellent movie. Go watch it, please.

9. Feed the Birds from “Mary Poppins”

Let’s be real—Julie Andrews could sing her ABC’s and I’d think it deserves a tony. But this song is different. It is so poignant and I think that’s why it’s been pushed aside. It’s no “Spoonful of Sugar”—it’s much darker than that. I also learned what a tuppence is!

10. Evangeline from “Princess and the Frog”

It’s a super charming and romantic little song. It really sets the tone for a BEAUTIFUL moment near the end of the movie with Ray and his Evangeline, but I won’t spoil it!

11. Bare Necessities from “The Jungle Book”

This song is recognizable, but I think it is under appreciated. I mean Phil Harris (who John Goodman sounds like) sings it, and the title is great. That’s all you really need.

12. When Love is Gone from “A Muppet Christmas Carol”

NOW—this one is sneaky. Yes, the Muppets and Disney did work on this film together and the argument was that if the Disney name was on the movie then it technically counts as a Disney song. I personally think this song is kinda slow, but if you’ve ever been in a break up— it will really hit you hard. In addition to this song, I’d like to add every other song in the movie as well. It’s a tremendous film.

13. Out There from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”

Sometimes this song can get confused with “Go the Distance” from Hercules, but this is the lesser known song. Quasimodo is such a hopeful young man despite his awful life, and it is truly inspirational. Quasi is a very likeable character, and he doesn’t even get EVERYTHING he wants in the end, but he is still the happiest man on earth when people accept him.

14. The Gospel Truth from “Hercules”

I was listening to this in the car today and heard the lyrics “smooth as sweet vermouth”
…Maybe Alan Menken was having a cocktail when he wrote these lyrics. OH WELL

15. Honor to Us All from “Mulan”

There are a lot of great songs in Mulan, but this one always seems to be forgotten. It’s a great company number and it’s a nice introduction to how important it is to be a proper woman in her culture. (which makes it all the worse when she goes to war as a man)

16. I’ve Got a Dream from “Tangled”

Precious song, and adorable concept. Even when we saw it coming 5 miles away in the dark.

17. Everybody Wants To Be A Cat from “The Aristocats”

This is a song from a VERY under rated movie, and so it’s not surprising to have it on this list. It’s done in a very jazzy style, and that sets it apart from other songs. The man that voiced “Scat Cat” was named Scatman Crothers, and that is AWESOME.

18. Strangers Like Me from “Tarzan”

Tarzan gave you and your parents something to have in common, and that was a love of Phil Colins music. If it’s this song or the other 3 that are just like it, we’re happy that Disney gave the opportunity to Phil Colins to bring his voice to our generation.

19. Why Should I Worry from “Oliver and Company”


Nah, it was a dece movie.

20. The Mob Song from “Beauty and the Beast”

Even movies like “Beauty and the Beast” have their hidden gems. I think this is Gaston’s best song and it creates a pretty scary part of the movie. I know I didn’t want any villagers breaking down my door in the middle of the night! “…and 50 Frenchmen can’t be wrong” I don’t know why, but those lyrics are genius.

21. Perfect World from “The Emperor’s New Groove”


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