Community Post: 21 Signs Are Suffering From Seasonal Allergies

1. Your eyes have become excessively itchy.

People are starting to wonder why your eyes are REALLY so red.

2. Thanks to that, your contacts have said NO THANKS; and you are stuck your wearing glasses.

C’mon guys they are not THAT bad

3. Your sneezing has gotten to the ridiculous point that nobody will say “God Bless You” any longer around you…


4. … And you have definitely swerved while driving because of sneezing.

Officer I promise it’s my seasonal allergies not drinking and driving.

5. You’ve been coughing as if you’ve taken up smoking a pack a day for 35 years.

Those red eyes look to be making sense after all..

6. You don’t want to listen to anyone tell you how you have “cough drop breath”.

Better than cough-ee breath

7. You can’t breathe in the morning…

Why is my mouth so dry?

8. … And you’ve woken up holding your nasal spray…

Nothing better than waking up to the love of your life

9. … Rather than your significant other, because well, you’re just not really “in the mood”.

Not feeling it this morning.. Again

10. Everyone who goes through this can relate with you and feel your pain…

You know how it is, right?

11. … But nobody can seem to recommend an ACTUAL medicine that will make your symptoms go away.

I’ve already tried five over the counter brands, THEY DON’T WORK

12. On second thought, take that back, nobody can relate to how you’re feeling.

You have no idea

13. Anyone mowing the yard or leaf blowing leaves or grass is Public Enemy #1.

Don’t worry buddy, I won’t be cleaning up after my dog. What goes around comes around.

14. Everyone is happy during the fall or spring except you.

Wipe that smile off your face

15. A walk down a beautiful street with fall leaves on the ground or blooming flowers is a walk through hell.

Get me out of this place!

16. Your head is POUNDING…

Those lights are too bright… You’re talking too loud…

17. … Not only because you have a migraine, but also because you have to constantly explain that you don’t actually have a cold.

No it’s not a cold I actually go through this two or three times a year because it’s like a seasonal thi- You know what shut up.

18. Your trash can has become the ground level for the “Leaning Tower of Tissues”.

Cool it, dude.

19. Every phone call you make sounds like you’re starring as the villain from “When a Stranger Calls”.

Yes, it’s me. Why do you keep asking me that?

20. You see a kid blowing a dandelion and think you’ve seen the “Kiss of Death”…

Don’t act so innocent.

21. … Anddd D-U-S-T is your new H-E-L-L

He just realized his room is covered in dust.

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