Community Post: 21 Reasons Why Rep. Steve Stockman Is The Strangest Person In Congress You Don’t Hear About

1. He distributed a book on the subject of impeaching President Obama to all 435 members of the House.


Repeatedly trying to gain support.

2. He invited Ted Nugent to the State of the Union.

It was awkward.

3. He believed the Waco siege was organized by Bill Clinton and crew to help pass gun control laws.

4. He made this a campaign sticker.

5. He openly voted against the Violence Against Women Act

because it protects straight women AND transgender women.

6. Steve’s fundraising letter this October claims Democrats are “curb-stomping veterans”

because the WWII memorial was closed. Not a hyperbole at all.

7. He handed out these barf bags at political rallies.

8. @SteveWorks4You is an amazing example of how to troll Twitter.

9. After graduating college he became unemployed and homeless until he was arrested for drugs

then found Jesus and was born again.

10. Steve was once fooled by a chain e-mail claiming that Obama was turning Texas schools into Islamic and Communist institutions. After he learned it was fake, he kept his fight going.

He is no quitter!

11. He tried to take John Boehner down

but voted ‘Present’ as his protest when he knew he would lose.

12. Steve thought it would be funny to raffle away the same model Bushmaster AR as the shooter in Newtown, Conn. to taunt gun control advocates after the notorious shooting.

13. He thought Sharknado was a terrible movie.

Obviously a despicable lie!

14. His Subcommittee on Space sets the budget, projects, etc for NASA & his wife works at NASA.

15. He thought the government shutdown would help the GOP’s popularity

… and vocalized it. Pissing off his own party in the process.

16. He became the 1st Congressman to fund a Anti-Hilary Clinton PAC… 3 years before the election… that she might not run in.

2 years before anyone cares.

17. Had some questionable connections to some extremist anti-government militia groups in the 90s.

Remember that fax after the Oklahoma City Bombing that went to a congressman? No? Well, that was to Steve…

18. He is part of the Science, Space, and Technology Committee but believes the scientists that testify are lying and the EPA has “secret science.”

The EPA is STILL yet to release the “secret science” that disproves global warming’s link with humans.

19. He tried to make House members live in dorms.

Newt wasn’t having it though.

20. He tried to get Congress to pass the Birther Bill against the Kenyan immigrant… President Obama.

21. Rep. Stockman only served in the House from 1995-97 & 2012-present: Government shuts down in 1995 & 2013

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