Community Post: 21 Phases Of A First Date Fail

1. It’s Friday night, you’re raising da roof and droppin’ it like it’s hot

2. He’s eyeing you from across the room

3. Enter trademark pick-up lines and natural-born charm

4. Small world! Turns out your cousin’s roommate’s sister went to school with his brother’s roommate’s girlfriend!

5. You have a giddy feeling about this one and initiate the phone number exchange.

6. 79 hours later, a follow up text comes through

7. And a date is scheduled

8. Social media pre-date legwork commences

9. Pluck, prime, paint, wax, gloss, spray

10. And locate the perfect “I just threw this on, but somehow wound up looking effortlessly amazing” outfit

11. It starts off promising enough

12. He seems to really get you

15. And you’re thinking it’s probably a good time to discover more about your potential mate

16. His habits

17. His hobbies

18. His strengths

19. His lifestyle

20. Maybe this isn’t the most perfect match

21. You phone a friend and put the inevitable escape plan into action

22. And follow that up with the post-first-date-fail ritual

23. Until next weekend, boys!

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