Community Post: 21 Celebrity BFFs You Wish You Could Be

21. Adam Levine & Blake Shelton

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These two are so affectionately competitive, Adam recently sent Blake an enormous copy of his Sexiest Man Alive People cover — now Adam’s giant face reaches the ceiling of Blake’s garage. The Voice wouldn’t be half as compulsively watchable without its coaches, and the banter of this odd couple alone is reason enough to look forward to Season Six.

20. Robert Downey Jr. & Jude Law

Ever since they became the Holmes to the other’s Watson, these two have never been afraid of calling their bromance what it really is: romance.

19. Salma Hayek & Penélope Cruz

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Their nickname for each other is huevos. I don’t think it gets much more inside jokey than fondly calling your best friend an egg.

18. Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake

Plenty of SNL castmates have formed lifelong friendships, but Jimmy Fallon might be the only one who’s formed a friendship with an SNL host who was mostly famous at the time for not being in a boy band anymore. I dare you to find a single moment these two aren’t overjoyed to be in the hilarious presence of one another.

17. Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim

Magnet Releasing / Via

Tim and Eric met at film school where, much to the chagrin of their professor, they did their thesis project on lobsters in film and why VHS is the future of video. That is only the tiniest taste of how absurdist and original their faux cable access show Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! turned out to be. A comedy partner precisely on your wavelength is hard to come by, but weird love sure found this duo.

16. Ellen Page & Alia Shawkat

Michael Lavinez / Via

Ever since they worked together on girl power flick Whip It, these two have been an adorable, comedic friendship to watch out for. They claim their roller derby names would be Hate Winslet and Hurt Vonnegut.

15. Pete Wentz & Patrick Stump

When they first met, Patrick was just a drummer, and Pete was the person who believed in his voice. When people try to knock down Pete, Patrick is the first to stand up for him and their band. Whether you grew up on Fall Out Boy and will take their music to your grave or you never really give a second thought to that band with the unintelligible lyrics, there’s no denying the true blue staying power of this friendship.

14. Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert

Comedy Central / Via

There are still folks who get confused about whether or not Colbert is doing a character or being himself on The Report, but nobody can deny how real the chemistry and admiration is between him and his best friend.

13. Matt Smith & Karen Gillan

In Doctor Who, they traveled through space and time together. In reality, they are part giraffe, part llama, and 100% goofball hipster.

12. David Tennant & Catherine Tate

Paul Dykes / Via

From Doctor Who to Shakespeare, these two are a triple-threat of comedy, drama, and accepting of one another’s personal grooming choices. Actually, this past week marked the end of Tennant’s Richard II weave. Aw, bless.

11. Matt Damon & Ben Affleck

Michael Kovac / Getty / Via

A platonic power couple, these Boston bros grew up only a couple blocks away from each other and now, decades later, live only a couple houses away from each other. Best. Friends. Forever.

10. Melissa McCarthy & Sandra Bullock

Ruven Afanador / Via

Ever since The Heat, their friendship has been even more powerful than the one they created onscreen, drunk montage and all. This past Halloween, they even dressed in matching bearded fishermen costumes and took their kids trick-or-treating together.

9. Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio

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From Titanic lovers to real-life best friends to their wedding day — er, wait, scratch that last one. But Leo totally walked Kate down the aisle and gave her away at her 2012 wedding. Kate & Leo’s friendship is epic. These two are the real thing, whatever that thing is.

8. Dominic Monaghan & Billy Boyd

Before there was LOST, there was LOTR. If you spent high school obsessively watching behind the scenes footage of the films, you know that shoot seemed more like a summer camp than a film shoot, and Billy & Dom were the one comedic duo to rule them all. These two went together like broccoli and cheese soup for elevensies. Turns out: Once a hobbit, always a hobbit — still going strong more than a decade and thousands of second breakfasts later.

7. Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson

Eric Charbonneau/Invision / AP / Via

Their characters go a-smoochin’ in The Hunger Games, but these two are more like a charmingly annoying sister and brother in reality. Not only can they finish each other’s sentences, they know so much about each other, they might actually be the same person in two bodies.

6. Mindy Kaling & B.J. Novak

John Shearer / WireImage / Via

These two have dated off-and-on (in reality and on The Office and Mindy Project), but they are living proof that men and women can be friends, despite their romantic history — and even create brilliant television together, too. Mindy notoriously hates the term “BFF” so we’ll just stick with: best friends attached at the hip, probably forever.

5. Zach Braff & Donald Faison

These guys are so deeply entwined in their guy love, if you search “Zach Braff and” on Google, the first search result is “Donald Faison.” Even cold, unfeeling search engines know their friendship is one of the constants in this universe.

4. Zachary Quinto & Chris Pine

They boldly go, they banter, they entertain themselves during interviews with vocabulary competitions. These two are going to wordplay their hot asses into old age together.

3. Amy Poehler & Tina Fey

NBC / Via

Not taking anybody’s shit since 1993. What we wouldn’t pay to eavesdrop on even just a lunchdate between our comedy queens.

2. Simon Pegg & Nick Frost

Jay Brooks / Via

This duo met when they were broke waiters, and it was love at first laugh. Frost made Pegg giggle so hard that Pegg made Frost pursue comedic acting with him, they both platonically shacked up together in the same bed for awhile, and the rest is nerd cult classic history. Not every friendship can survive sharing a bed. Even fewer can go on to save England from zombies afterward.

1. Sirs Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen

From Shakespeare to Gandalf, from Captain Jean-Luc Picard to the current run of Beckett on Broadway, these two Sirs have seen it all together and not lost an ounce of enthusiasm for life. They might play old friends and rivals as Magneto & Professor X on screen, but there’s nothing but love in reality. McKellan even officiated at Stewart’s wedding last year. Don’t we all just want to grow old with our best friend, wear matching hats, and take selfies around the city together?

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