Community Post: 21 Animals Who Are Obviously Wasted

1. This dog. Can’t even make it up the driveway.

2. This cat, fallin’ all over the damn place.

3. This cat who wants to get in there and motorboat.


4. Tequila Kitty is OBVIOUSLY wasted.

The only right time to wear a sombrero is all the time.

5. This little guy who can’t even keep his eyes open.

6. Stripper pole cat, totally sloshed.

7. Go home, gymnastics cat, you’re drunk.

8. Seeing double? Wasted.

9. This kitten, whose hand-eye coordination is clearly suffering.

10. This lush is locked out again.

11. This furball showing off on the dance couch.

12. Late-night munchies… Tanked, obvi.


14. This guy fell down the stairs and didn’t even feel it.

15. This cat thinks she is part of the band.

16. Just…wasted.

17. This cat who is listening to dubstep.

18. Literally, dragging himself home. Wasted.

19. “Girls, get in a circle so the creepers will leave us alone.”

20. I…Feel…So…Aliveeeeeeee

21. And of course…this little ménage à trois.

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