Community Post: 18 Things That You’ve Totally Felt Before As Told By Moody Stick Figures

1. You’ve been utterly shocked.

WHAT??! you just couldn’t believe it.

2. You didn’t get your way and flipped out.

it’s your way or the highway.

3. You’ve stepped in something.


5. You’ve freaked out.


6. You’ve felt like a zombie.


7. You’ve calmly assessed a situation.

let’s not get too excited here.

8. You’ve been too happy.


9. You’ve been not too happy.

you are NOT amused.

10. You’ve listened very politely but then started to lose patience.

does this story have an ending?

11. You’ve felt weird about that yoga move.

everyone’s staring.

12. Omg. Just stop.


13. What was that noise?

you’re so scared! don’t go into the basement.

14. You’ve been super dramatic.

sometimes it’s necessary.

15. You’ve tried to explain something that other people just don’t understand.

they just don’t get it.

16. You’ve been angry at something in the sky.

a bird that pooped on you.

17. You’ve tried to reason with something that’s on the ground.

that ant was so stubborn.

18. You’ve been cool with things as they are.

a very nice way to be:)

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