Community Post: 18 Things That Inevitably Happen When You First Move To London

1. Waiting to go through customs and worrying that they won’t let you into the country.

2. Struggling to navigate the tube accompanied by your heavy-ass suitcases.

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3. Being asked for your UK phone number.

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There’s just so many numbers!

4. The shocking realization of how cheap phone plans are in the UK.

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5. Seeing cheeky street signs that would never make the cut back home.


6. Commencing a relationship with the tube, and “it’s complicated.”

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7. Getting overly excited when a landlord ACTUALLY replies to your message about viewing a flat.

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8. Showing up to view said flat, and there are 20 other people there for the same reason.

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9. And then all your hopes and dreams are crushed when this prime piece of real estate turns out to be a prime piece of shit.

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10. Walking into Primark for the first time.

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11. The terrifying experience of not knowing which way to look before crossing the road.

12. Sitting in the front seat on the second level of a double-decker bus.

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13. Wishing you had a British accent.

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14. Wondering what the point of 1p and, ESPECIALLY, 2p coins is.

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15. Uploading photos to social media that make your friends back home mad jealous.

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16. Getting annoyed by tourists who don’t know how to use an oyster card.

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Even though you were that person like, one short week ago.

17. Eating Pret all day EVERYDAY.

18. Going about your day and suddenly remembering that you LIVE IN FREAKING LONDON.

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