Community Post: 16 Signs You’re A White Girl

1. You wear leggings as pants.

2. You have a Mean Girls quote for every occasion.

Sometimes your friends just don’t GET IT.

This is the highest form of congratulations.

You’re just so misunderstood.

3. You go to parties like this…

4. …dressed like this.

5. You are a sexy ____ for Halloween.

6. All your guy friends look like this.

7. Starbucks is your drug of choice.

And you know what time of year it is based on your favorite drink’s availability. “OMG is it pumpkin spice/gingerbread/ peppermint latte season already?”

8. You and your BFF have a dance routine to your favorite song.

9. You know where the best froyo is in any neighborhood.

10. Most of your instagrams are selfies.


11. OMG Channing Tatum

12. Most of your Facebook posts are incorrect quotes from old Hollywood actresses.

13. Tanning.

14. You love Taylor Swift

Taylor writes all official white girl anthems.

15. You plan your wedding on Pinterest while still single.

16. Your names are any of these, or have a nickname that ends in “-i,” “-ie,” or “-y.”

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