Community Post: 15 WTF Accessories Worn By Rappers

15. Lil Wayne’s Snow boots

Nothing wrong with a pair of snow boots when it’s snowing, but at a basketball game??

14. T-Pain’s High Top Hat

I’m glad he retired these.

13. Eminem’s Wrestling Mask

WTF was Em thinking??

12. Kanye West’s Grill Glasses

They looked cool, but you couldn’t see shit through them.

11. T-Pain’s Big Ass Chain

One question.. WHY??

10. Weezy’s Headpiece

I like the color though.

9. BBC Gold Rucksack

This bag better come with some security, cause people have been killed for less. SMH

  • Even though not worn by rappers, it made the list cause it’s from Pharrell’s BBC line

8. Nicki Minaj’s 2012 Grammy Date

Nicki left her purse at home to drag this guy along.

7. Rick Ross MMG Chain

Why waste too much money on something you won’t be able to wear for longer than half an hour??

6. Kanye’s Kilt

Kanye is known for taking taking fashion risks at times, but not feeling this one.

5. Weezy’s Other Crazy Head Piece

Yess. He but all the colors.


Yess..Diddy did it first and took it further by not wearing pants under it. WTF man.

3. French Montana’s Bear Hoodie / Via http://HipHopSince1987

This is how rappers go broke. Where’s PETA when you need them?

2. Busta Rhymes Feather Jacket

Big Bird Lookin Ass..

1. Nicki

I don’t know where to start. WTF Nicki?

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