Community Post: 15 AMAZING Reasons Why Dean Winchester Is The Perfect Man

1. He is very intelligent.

Not enough people give him credit. Sam is always called the “smart one” and he is smart but that doesn’t mean Dean isn’t. He made an EMF reader out of an old walkman, he has really great problem solving skills(For example, telling Sam to pull the fire alarm in the hotel so all the real people would leave and the demons would stay so they wouldn’t kill civilians). He has rebuilt the impala countless times. He is “street smart” but he also is book smart, he knows things Sam doesn’t and everytime he says them even Sam looks at him oddly like “how do you know that?” For example, in season 5 he asks “Slaughter house 5 Vonnegut or Cat’s Cradle Vonnegut?” when told “its kind of…Vonnegut”. Vonnegut is a horror writer.

2. He’s selfless.

This could be taken as somewhat of a bad thing…because I really wish he cared about himself more but it shows he’s giving, puts others before himself and is, above all, kind. Compassionate. He would let someone kill him to save a room full of strangers.

3. Kids love him.

That is always a good sign. He gets along very well with children and he is good with them. That probably has a lot to do with being an older brother but saying “he’s an older brother” is a dumb reason. He cares about Sam yes, and that is very heartwarming but it has a lot to do with that he raised him and is good with children. Even Sam doesn’t realize that about him. In an early season episode Dean says “I love kids” and Sam says “name 5 kids you even know” which is actually kind of stupid because just because he doesn’t know any doesn’t mean he cant love them.

4. He’s a caretaker/protector.

You could say that’s the same as selfless but it’s more than that. He provides for people as well as sacrificing himself. He has that nurturing mothering quality that is really admirable. That’s probably part of the reason why he’s good with kids. (As a side note: He REALLY loved his mom. He was a mothers son for sure. Which also could have a lot to do with it.)

5. He can cook.

You don’t really find out about this till later seasons because they are always on the road but he loves to cook. There are, apparently, a lot of things Sam doesn’t know about his brother because he says “I didn’t even know you knew how to use a kitchen” and dean says “shut up and eat it” and it’s awesome.

6. The “closet nerd culture” thing he has going on.

People say Sam is the nerdy one? PLEASE. You make me laugh. Sam doesn’t even understand Dean’s Star Trek references. Sam also doesn’t like to LARP like Dean does and doesn’t read comics like Dean does. However, Sam does like Harry Potter. Dean knows about it (calling Sam “Dumbledork”) but doesn’t seem like much of a fan.

7. He has great fashion sense.

Whether it’s a leather jacket or a 40’s pinstripe suit or leather and chain mail, dean knows when he looks good. The only exception would be his fetishy cowboy outfit(omg I laughed so hard)…but he fixed that later in the episode haha.

8. “I’ll try anything once”

A quote from him. Being open to trying new things is really attractive, especially when that means wearing pink silk panties. (and, as he said, liking it)

9. He’s a natural leader.

Ah yes, how could we forget one of his most important qualities? That is extremely attractive. No one likes a man who doesn’t know what he wants and is too afraid to go get it. People fall in line behind Dean naturally. He has a charismatic leader vibe around him that makes people want to follow him.

10. He has a great sense of humor.

Even with his life being as screwed up as it is, he always knows how to make someone laugh and, even if he’s suffering, he will throw in a sassy funny comment to try and be funny about it. This could be taken as a bad thing but he knows when to be serious too. Which is really important. No one likes someone who makes everything a joke, but Dean has a good balance for it.

11. He’s really great in bed.

Okay, a shallow reason, but an important one(who wants to be with a guy who sucks in bed? I mean really…). Due to his nature of being giving and selfless, he would not be one of those guys that would leave a girl unsatisfied in the bedroom. Lisa even called it the “best sex of her life”. So, I mean, you do the math. No really…you may have to add up how many times you orgasm.

12. He’s loyal.

Once you matter to him…you seriously MATTER to him. He wouldn’t cheat on someone. Sure, he’s a flirt and he’s had his share of one night stands but he never made a promise to any of them. They knew it was a one time thing. When he is actually in a relationship? He is committed. This makes him a bit overprotective(given his other personality traits) but if you get to know him and know how to calm him down, I’m sure he wouldn’t be abusively controlling about it. He just cares.

13. He’s strong.

I don’t mean just physically, I mean emotionally, psychologically…all of it. Sure, he has his problems but with the life he’s had? I’d say he’s kept it together pretty well. He is a very strong person.

14. He’s a free thinker

He doesn’t take bullshit from anyone(except john but that’s a totally other topic with it’s own messed up history). He’s independent. He “makes his own destiny”(season 5 for example). Do you know how crazy you have to be to tell an archangel to take a hike? He literally does not put up with anyone’s shit. He calls people out on it.(which, hah sometimes he fully deserves to be called out on his….but that is another topic of discussion).


Oh and of course its all tied up in a pretty little bow with his physical appearance. He is extremely physically attractive. Pick a feature, any feature and I bet you it’s beautiful.

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