Community Post: 13 Celebrities & Their Pokemon Doppelgangers

1. Rowan Atkinson/Psyduck

Despite Rowan Atkinson’s well-documented eloquence and genius, he is best known in the U.S. as the loveable, forgetful, and unfortunate Mr. Bean. Psy-ay-ay.

2. Jennifer Coolidge/Jynx

You probably know her as Stifler’s mom from the American Pie franchise (trilogy?). In other words, she taught many of a generation what it means to be a MILF. She and Jynx share a certain je ne sais quois, don’t they?

3. Keanu Reeves/Kakuna

Those steely eyes. That steely look. That impenetrable shell. That complete lack of emotional range. “I know… harden.”

4. Chris Pratt/Machoke

I miss loveably, pudgy Andy Dwyer, but Christ does Chris Pratt clean up well. After completing training (and giving up beer, ouch) for Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy, Pratt doesn’t look unlike our rock-based wrestling champ, Machoke. Except a bit more handsome. And with an iPhone.

5. James Franco/Mr. Mime

There’s something delightfully goofy and self-assured about both James Franco (especially when he plays himself in that amazing episode of 30 Rock) and Mr. Mime. And let’s be real: We all know that both Franco and Mr. Mime could get some serious shit done if they’d ever stop giggling at their own reflections.

6. Paul Giamatti/Magmar

Kinda-dopey lookin’ dudes who are ON FIRE!

7. Amanda Seyfriend/Ninetails

Seyfried’s come a long way from dopey-eyed Karen in Mean Girls. Ninetails has come a long way from being dopey-eyed Vulpix. Sigh. Marry me. Both of you.

8. Elle Fanning/Clefairy

She’s beautiful, she’s talented, she’s enchanting. Much like Clefairy. (Dakota is Clefable, duh).

9. Danny Pudi/Porygon

Un. Fucking. Canny. Cool cool cool.

10. Khloe Kardashian/Weepinbell

I don’t watch anything Kardashian-related because I don’t have cable and I’m lazy, but back me up on this one. She’s not the lithe PYT that Kendall/Bellsprout are, but she doesn’t quite have the fangy WTF of Kim/Victreebell.

11. Steve Buscemi/Paras

Those eyes. Those big, wet, beautiful eyes. I’ll spore you the rest (groan).

12. Snooki/Drowzee

Aside from their shared resemblance to a nadir and a questionable center of gravity, they both feed on dreams.

13. Deryck Whibley/Gloom


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