Community Post: 12 French Bulldogs You Need To Be Following On Instagram

1. 1. Manny The Frenchie

Manny is an adorable frenchie who has almost 200,000 followers on Instagram. I doubt anyone would look as cute asleep in a sink in a shark costume.

2. 2. Sir Charles Barkley

Sir Charles is an adorable frenchie that can be seen eating ice cream, napping, or taking selfies.

3. No, really


4. 3. Trotter

Trotter loves playing dress up, and honestly looks great in everything.

5. Trotter Can Even Make Donuts

6. 3. Muu

Usually seen hanging out with her human counterpart, Tasuku, Muu enjoys naps, watching TV, and well, mostly just naps.

8. 4. Frenchie Kangxi

The amount of adorable in her photos shouldn’t even be allowed to exist.

9. 5. Hanna & Milo

This Frenchie duo lives in Japan, and are always together. Adorbs.

And they have corgi friends!

11. 6. Hata_bow

This little guy is living it up in Tokyo.

12. 7. rai511

I cannot get enough of this frenchie

13. Like, really.

OMG so cute

14. 8. Miss Piggy

Residing in Florida, Miss Piggy”s instagram is nothing but glamorous.

xoxo, Miss Piggy

16. 9. Batpigandme

I mean…

it’s just too much!

18. 10. Tank

Tank lives in Long Beach, CA. He also has one ridiculously cute underbite.

20. 11. Dexter

Besides having an odd Instagram username (sexxxydexyfrenchie), Dexter is pretty friggin awesome.

22. 12. Betty Page



24. Get to following! Have a good day!

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