Community Post: 10 Things That Are A Lot Harder Than They Should Be

1. Taking off glitter nail polish

It’s like super glue, or a possessive boyfriend…it won’t let go.

2. Refolding a map

Yeah, it basically is rocket science.

3. Drawing a straight line… with a ruler

A tool was created to make this job easy as pie, yet it never is.

4. Recreating ANYTHING from Pinterest

It is time we all realize everything on Pinterest is made by tiny Pinterest fairies, not real humans. It is, therefore, impossible to create anything you see.

5. Opening these plastic packages

I should be able to get my batteries, lightbulbs, etc. without losing a finger, breaking anything, or losing a tooth.

6. Getting your liquid eyeliner equal

This is just scientifically impossible. If one wing goes up, the other goes down.

7. Finishing your vegetables

Or maybe this is just the 4-year-old still in me…

8. Eating sushi gracefully

I’ve concluded it just has to all go in on one bite. I’d rather have a full mouth than half a roll hanging out.

9. Painting your right hand (when right-handed)

It takes the same precision as brain surgery.

10. Thinking of a No. 10

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