Community Post: 10 Shocking Places On Earth That Are Warmer Than The Mainland US Right Now

Tuesday’s Lows: Approaching -23 Degrees in Some Places.

It’s going to be freaking cold for the next 24 hours, so stay safe and keep warm.

1. The North Pole: -15 Degrees

That’s right. The North Pole has it better than the US. We’re going to need a lot of hand warmers.

Ways to make reusable hand warmers.

2. The South Pole: -9 Degrees.

The South Pole is supposed to be cold … however, they are enjoying the blistering temperature of -9 degrees.

3. The Base of Mt. Everest: 41 Degrees.

Tallest mountain on Earth … still warmer than North Carolina.

4. Iceland: 36 Degrees.

It’s freaking named Iceland and will still be warmer than most of the Deep South.

5. Juneau, Alaska: 36 degrees.

While most of mainland America will be freezing, our disconnected brother to the North West will be enjoying some great weather.

6. Dome Fuji Station, Antartica : 1 Degree.

At least Antartica gets to stay in the +degree range.

7. The Top of Mt. Kilimanjaro : 21 Degrees.

Even at 19,341 ft … the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro will be warmer than most of the US.

8. Nuuk, Greenland : 19 Degrees.

Greenland’s looking pretty nice about now.

9. The Yukon : -13 Degrees

Often touted as one of the coldest places on Earth … the Yukon is experiencing some great weather right now at -13 degrees.

10. Sochi, Russia : 41 Degrees.

That’s right. The place that they’re hosting the Winter Olympics … which happens to be in Russia is warmer than the majority of the US at this moment.

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