Community Post: 10 Reasons Why You Are Annoying After Traveling Abroad For Over A Year

10. You try to convince people to go to where you have been.

OMG you like the outdoors and skiing and adrenaline pumping things!? Go to New Zealand! It’s so beautiful!

9. You correct everyone

It’s a Koala, Not a Koala Bear

8. You say words no one understands

Let’s grab some tinnies in the arvo. We can eat breakky then.

7. You spell your words like “everyone else”

I realised that I liked the colour of his bike tyres that was left on the kerb.

6. You bitch and moan about where you are now.

5. When you meet people from a country you’ve been to, you just want to talk to them, and ignore your friends.

Oh you’re from Brighton? I studied at Uni Sussex! I loved the Lanes and that little cupcake shop? What’s the name of it again? Or is that tea shop still there? And the clubs! Of course the bus system is crap, but isn’t it all? Oh yea this is my friend.

4. You repeat the same 10 stories over and over

So in Russia, we stayed in this small fishing town and…
You got bed bugs and the rest of your trip sucked and you drank vodka on the train and you slept.
Oh, well then, in China…

3. You try to talk to your other friends in other countries

but due to the time difference you always miss them.

2. You’re always broke

since you’re trying to pay off your credit card bills from traveling.

Mom: Why don’t you get a real job and save some money?

1. All you can think about is your next adventure

The world’s your oyster, eat up!

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