Community Post: 10 Pugs To Watch In 2013

1. Jack

Why? Jack is a one-eyed pirate pug. And he runs a booming business on Etsy.

2. Murphy

Why? Murphy is a leader in the P.A.M.C. (Pugs Against Mondays Campaign)

3. Franky and Elly

Why? Franky, bottom, is the guide dog for his buddy Elly, top, who is blind. These pugs, from Wales, were adopted about a year ago and they are just hitting their stride.

4. Gus and Annabelle

Why? Gus, left, has all the good looks. And Annabelle, middle, is revolutionizing the health care system as a therapy dog. That’s me, Hamilton, on the right.

5. Chloe

Why? This senior citizen pug is not only going strong, but she’s managing a series of retail stores that are spreading the good word about pugs across the globe.

6. Mr. Pug and Mr. Other Pug

Why? These hilarious pugs became an instant hit with their globe-trotting tales.

7. Finn

Why? Finn is fighting the war on drugs. Pugs Not Drugs!

8. Oscar and Rosie

Why? These friendly pugs were abandoned near a Walmart during Hurricane Sandy. After three weeks in a shelter, the Curly Tail Pug Rescue picked them up. They have a long way to go, but my paws are crossed that they only get better from here.

9. Minnie and Max

Why? These California pugs spend a lot of time on the beach. They also help rescue other pugs.

10. Hamilton

Why? This one-time shelter pug, yours truly, is just getting started here in the big city.

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