Community Post: 10 Dogs React To Adam Levine Being Named “The Sexiest Man Alive”

1. This English Bulldog puppy would like to start off by asking a very important question.

What exactly did Adam have to do to get this? Because you know he’s not even close to being the sexiest man alive.

2. These puppies really don’t see it. Maybe it would help if they looked at him from a different angle?

Nope. Still don’t get it.

3. This German Shepherd is just so confused.

Wait … that doesn’t look like Joseph-Gordon Levitt.

4. This Boxer is waiting for the punchline.

This is a joke right? He can’t even speak French.

5. This Pug doesn’t even know how to deal.

Who dafuq is Adam? Where’s JGL?

6. These Boston Terriers have so many mixed emotions.

Dog #1: Uh…?
Dog #2: Gross
Dog #3: Nooooooo!

7. This dog really thought JGL was going to get it.

He had the party flute ready and everything.

8. This Boxer has given up all hope in humanity.

The struggle is real.

9. OK, this Dachshund is just plain angry.

And he’s taking it out on his innocent friend. See People, this is what happens when you deny Joseph-Gordon Levitt the title of Sexiest Man Alive. Wieners get very, very angry.

10. Don’t be too hard on yourself People magazine, there was one dog that seemed to agree with your choice…

He also likes to pee on children.

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