Community Post: 10 Cell Phones You’ll Never Forget

1. Your Best Friend’s Phone

Also known as the “brick” phone. You were extremely jealous…even though it was ugly and all she could do was play snake on it.

2. Your First Phone

Behold. The most beautiful piece of machinery that ever existed. Within a week I had to pay my dad back for all 500 text messages I sent. EL OH EL.

3. THE Camera Phone

Literally EVERY popular girl had this phone. I was so jealous when I would see them taking pics during lunch.

4. The Hottest Phone Out There

You know who had these. You know.

5. The Sidekick

The people that had these phones were ALWAYS the coolest, and always amazed you with how fast they could type.

6. The One You Were Jealous Of…But You’re Not Sure Why

It’s probably because it was called the EnV.

7. Your First “Cool” Phone

Well maybe this was just me because my parents were SO CRUEL (#firstworldproblems), and decided to deny me the latest and greatest technology. But come on, you can’t even say you don’t miss your LG Chocolate.

8. The Blackberry

BBM me.

9. The iPhone

The original iPhone. Only your really well off friends had this one…

10. The Year Samsung Got Their Act Together

And every iPhone user was like “Omg ew, it’s so big”…that’s what she said.

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