Charles Barkley Says As Many Penis Nicknames As Possible In New Weight Watchers Ad

On one hand this commercial is hilarious. And for that, I salute it. On the other, I don’t think this is how the body works. For every 35 pounds you lose, your penis gets longer by an inch? How? Does your body reward you for working hard? “I can tell he’s been putting in the hours, he deserves this. Penis cells, GROW!” That’s not a thing. Stop pretending that’s a thing, Weight Watchers.

Also, while we’re talking, Weight Watchers, why are you using an advertising strategy that you stole from the side bars and pop ups of a porn website? I’ve heard people say a lot of complimentary things about the porn world, but never once has anyone said, “I can’t watch any porn on the Internet without spending hundreds of dollars on pills and supplements. Their advertising is just so good!” Come on Weight Watchers. You can do better than that.

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