Can We Guess Your ’00s Celebrity Teen Crush?

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There’s only one way to find out.

Imagine your IRL ’00s crush. Now let’s go.

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Can We Guess Your ’00s Celebrity Teen Crush?

  1. You got: MySpace Tom

    Ooooohhhh there’s nothing more attractive than a ’00s billionaire. MySpace Tom may not have been the most traditionally attractive guy in the ’00s, but you need more than looks in your man. Keep dreaming, girl.

  2. You got: Ben Adams

    Those curtains! Those puppy dog eyes! That voice. Ben Adams and you would have lived a happy life together. He’d have sung you to sleep every night. Just imagine what could have been.

  3. You got: Nick Lachey

    You may have mourned Jessica and Nick’s breakup. But more than anything, you were pleased he was single again. You knew the difference between chicken and tuna. You were the right woman for him. You could have made him so happy. Sob.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty

  4. You got: Prince Williams

    Omggggggg you could have been a princess. He’s bald and boring now, but a twentysomething Prince William was a whole other league of fit. AND YOU’D HAVE BEEN A PRINCESS.

    Anthony Harvey / Getty

  5. You got: Gareth Gates

    Oh, Gareth. Oh, beautiful, beautiful Gareth. You voted for Gareth to win “Pop Idol” and were legitimately furious when Will Young stole his rightful crown. He may have lost his innocence by sleeping with Jordan but PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES. SHIT HAPPENS. LIFE MOVES ON. Gareth 4evs.

    Scott Barbour / Getty

  6. You got: Aaron Samuels

    HE LOOKS SO SEXY WITH HIS HAIR PUSHED BACK. Yeah, he may have made a bad shout by dating Regina for so long but PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES. It would have been different with you. It would have been perfect.

  7. You got: Seth Cohen

    Seth was funny and smart and OMG sooooooo fit. Plus, if you married Seth you”d have been a part of the Cohen family. Sandy would have been your father-in-law. And you’d laugh through the rest of your life with Seth by your side. What a babe.

  8. You got: Chad Michael Murray

    Have you ever been more jealous of anyone than you were of Hilary Duff in “A Cinderella Story”? Maybe Lindsay Lohan in “Freaky Friday”. Or Sophia Bush in “One Tree Hill”. Chad Michael Murray and you were meant to be. Hang in there, it could happen.

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty

  9. You got: Orlando Bloom

    Let’s face it, he was pretty much the only reason you got into “Lord Of The Rings”. And you guys would have been perfect for each other. You get Orlando. Like, you really get him. And he would have got you too. It would have been perfect.

    Anthony Harvey / Getty


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