Bun B And ItsTheReal Celebrate Natural Bush For Valentine’s Day

1. Last March, hip hop sketch comedy duo Itsthereal debuted their single “Girls With The Dirty Souths” shortly before releasing their first mixtape, Urbane Outfitters, Vol. 1.

2. The song features rap legend Bun B. Based on his verses, we made some sure guesses what “girls with the dirty South” was alluding to.

Hint: it has very little to do with geographical identity.

3. And sure enough, thanks to its absurdist music video, we now have visual confirmation.

4. These are your girls—ahem—packing plenty of dirty South.

5. “I got a country woman, deep-fried and double-wide/ No apologies when there’s hair in my apple pie.”

6. “Amber Rose on top, Rick Ross in your bikini bottom…”

7. Bun B: “She slim around the waist, and her booty like BAM/ But if she bust it open, you gon be like, ‘Goddamn!’”

8. Oh, you didn’t catch that analogy?



9. Watch the hilarious video below (which, in their defense, was actually shot in the Dirty South).

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