Bored With Pranking Your Friends? Prank Your Cat, Instead. It’s Hilarious.

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Pranks are fun. But sometimes it’s hard to pull them off because your friends are just too darn smart to prank. Or sometimes, you don’t have any friends to prank. That’s okay, though. The Internet has found a way to get the lonely to join the prank wars: prank your cat!

Think about it, they are easily startled, gullible, and they have dumb cat brains that don’t understand technology or even the concept of shame. Give it a try like these tricky gypsies.

“Oh so forcefield exist now, bye!”

Cue “All By Myself” by Eric Carmen.

Making your cat think you’re an evil shape shifter is fun.

“Oh hey what’s…TREACHERY!”

Blinded by bologna.

This cat’s got some serious camo game.

Lovely weather we’re having…

Honestly though I do this to myself every morning.

“Oh trees are alive now bye!”

Even Rover is getting in on the action.

This cat needs to re-contemplate the physics of the Earth he thought he knew.

Why do they keep checking the plate like it’s magically going to appear?

This cat sucks.

Your disinterest in reading has made you look the fool, cat.

Always a bigger fish…

I like how this kitten is like, “Welp, at least I can roll around like this now”.

The classic fraidy cat.

This’ll teach your cat to stay out of your drug drawer.

Take that cats, you genetically domesticated dumb fur punchlines! Get out of here with your swagger!

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