After You See The Pictures This Waiter Posted Online, You May Never Eat Out Again. OMG.

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An employee at Mimi’s Cafe in Columbia, Maryland, posted an album online that could shut down the restaurant in mere seconds. They titled the album “Working at Mimi’s Cafe, Columbia MD is just gross” and after seeing what goes on behind the scenes, we have to agree. You may start eating PB&J sandwiches at home every day for lunch once you see this.

Hi, Mr. Cockroach! How are you enjoying your meal?

Random, already-chewed gum on the cash register.

This restaurant is so fancy, it gives you your own to-go bugs.

The never-ending hole of roaches (a.k.a., a drain).

A seeping crack in the floor really whets my appetite.

Corroded batteries and an empty scent canister really makes the bathrooms smell better.

The employees aren’t lucky enough to get a toilet seat. Or toilet paper.

Another cockroach popping his head up to say hello, straight from butter in the fridge.

Oh, a coffee-stained cup, that’s pretty normal…

Only it’s not a stain at all, just filth.

So, if you’re ever driving through Maryland and you see a sign for Mimi’s Cafe… put the pedal to the floor, hide your children and don’t you dare stop until you cross the state line. Source: Disclaimer: I’ve never been to Mimi’s Cafe and have not verified personally that the photos are 100% authentic. Please see the original source link above for much more information. 

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