A Complete List Of All Things Gay At The VMAs

1. When Lance Bass returned and got felt up by JC Chasez:

2. Lady Gaga’s entire presence:

3. When Richard Simmons showed up like this:

Andrew Kelly / Reuters

4. When Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift experienced The Lesbian Merge:

5. When A$AP Rocky wildly gestured to Jason Collins while saying “homosexuality.”

6. When Louis and Harry cuddled during “Same Love”:

7. When Naya Rivera was there and briefly walked away from Big Sean for long enough for us to pretend she really was Santana.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

8. When Miley Cyrus legitimately shoved her face into some woman’s ass:

9. When Jennifer Hudson and Mary Lambert sang to each other:

BONUS: Jennifer Hudson had an undercut, I kid you not.

10. When “Same Love” won Best Video with a Social Message:

(Points off for the only gay person on stage during that time not giving an acceptance speech.)

But seriously, watch this performance:

Over and over and over and over again.

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