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9 Videos You Can’t Miss This Week

1. Four Women React To Being Photoshopped Into Cover Girls

How did these four women feel about being transformed into models? Their reactions may surprise you. (2:40)

3. Little Kid Goes Drifting With His Dad, Has The Best Time Ever

Want to see something hilarious? Watch this little guy’s face while his dad drives. (1:34)

5. Camera Falls From Sky, Lands In Pig Pen

This is crazy to watch, but the pigs took it pretty darn well. YouTuber Mia Munselle found the camera intact on her property eight months after it fell out of a plane. (1:10)

7. Curling, But With Cats

Welcome to your new favorite winter sport. This video was uploaded in 2011, but it’s blowing up this week because, you know, cats. (0:42)

9. How It Feels To Have A Crush

This adorable animated short pretty much nails the highs and the lows. Hey, we’ve all been there. (1:34)

11. Snowboarding Through New York City

New York City was hit hard by snow this week. So filmmaker Casey Neistat decided to make the most of it. (3:33)

13. The “Ice Ice Baby” Snow Day Announcement

North Carolina’s Durham Academy couldn’t hold classes due to the weather, just like lots of other schools. But headmaster Michael Ulku-Steiner and assistant head of school Lee Hark took the announcement to another level. (1:13)

15. Penguin Chases Human Friend, Is Completely Adorable

Sakura the penguin just wants a hug. Wait up, Mr. Zookeeper! (0:36)

17. A Couple Breaks Up Using Movie Titles As Dialogue

Every line in this incredibly fun short is made up of movie titles. Yup, this is pretty much As Good As It Gets. (3:52)

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