78 Thoughts We Have Inside A Craft Store

Time to get my DIY on.

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1. Thanks to Pinterest, I have 37 craft projects I need to make this Spring. Better head to Hobby Lobby/Michael’s/JoAnn’s for my supplies.2. Wow, lots of old ladies in the parking lot.3. They probably have like 8 cats and spend their weekends knitting.4. Am I gonna be one of those old ladies?!5. Stop freaking out, you are NOT going to be a cat lady.6. I tried to knit and failed so technically I wouldn’t even be a legit spinster.7. What is all this crap by the front door?8. These plastic flowers are a dollar?! I could totally make something out of this. A flower headwrap? I think I saw that DIY on Pinterest.9. I need a basket already.10. I’m going to look like a hippie boho princess with my flower hair thingy!11. What do I need again?12. Why don’t I ever write out my craft supplies list?13. Where do I go?14. Oh, more flowers. How come every craft store has like 8 rows of fake flowers by the front of the store? 15. Awwww yeaahhh, more clearance stuff.16. This is cute.17. This is really cute!18. This would be cute on my wall.19. Okay, time to focus.20. CANDLES!

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21. These candles smell bad.22. PICTURE FRAMES!23. This is cute.24. This is really cute!25. Wait, where’s the actual crafting supplies?26. Pretty sure I’ve just wasted 15 minutes looking at things that have nothing to do with my project.27. I need help finding the jewelry supplies.28. Oh, there’s an employee restocking.29. Do I really need to talk to them? They kind of look like they might stab someone with a calligraphy pen.30. Nope, I can figure this out.31. Now I’m in the doll supplies aisle.32. Doll heads, creepy.33. Daaaamn, feathers everywhere.34. Remember when everyone put feathers in their hair? Yeah, that’s lame now.35. I’m hungry.36. They should serve snacks and wine in here.37. I would spend all day here.38. I could take a nap under some fleece in the fabric section.39. These are all really good ideas.40. YES. Jewelry section!

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41. Great, there’s 18 people all looking at the same thing.42. I’m just going to slowly inch my way over there until someone gets out of the way.43. Please don’t get in my personal bubble. 44. Yes, I would love it if you grazed me while reaching for something.45. MOVE PEOPLE.46. Shit. I don’t even know which one to get.47. Why are there 800 options?48. I’ll just pull up Pinterest to get the supplies list.49. Aaaaaand no service.50. Guess I’m winging it!51. I’ll take this and this and this and this.52. Everyone’s going to love my necklace. They’ll be like “OMG, I love your necklace! Where did you get it? And I’ll be like, “I made it!”53. God dammit, there’s like 4 more aisles of beads.54. Hunger is making me indecisive.55. I’ll just buy a couple different types of beads so I have more to choose from.56. That girl just grabbed her supplies and left. Why can’t I be that decisive!57. She probably has an Etsy store.58. I should have an Etsy store!59. There are a lot of mom jeans in here.60. Don’t ever wear mom jeans.

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61. I need to get out of here, it’s probably been three hours. Maybe three days. 62. Oh Lord, why are the 4th of July decorations out?63. SLOW YOUR ROLL. Can I please celebrate Easter first?64. More clearance stuff, better stop. 65. Yes, I need these fabric remnants for another thing I saw on Pinterest.66. I’m so crafty. Move over Martha Stewart.67. I need to leave. 68. I can see the register’s, I may make it out without dying of starvation.69. Why are there always 25 people in line at one freaking register with the slowest cashier possible. She’s actually trying to be slow.70. I’m surrounded by candy right now. You know exactly what I need you crafty craft store.71. I’m getting skittles.72. Finally, it’s my turn. 73. How come everyone says it’s cheaper to DIY. It’s definitely not.74. Yes, take all my money. 75. I really need to start that Etsy store to fund my crafting habit.76. I forgot something.77. Nope, definitely can’t go grab glue sticks because they are approximately five miles away.78. I’ll just stop at another craft store on the way home!

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