7 Apps That Will Make Your Thanksgiving So Much Better

2. Waze: Avoid Thanksgiving traffic as much as humanly possible.

Why you should get it: Waze is a real-time traffic app that crowdsources actual drivers to get you to your destination as fast as humanly possible.
Cost: Free on both Apple and Android.

3. Tripit: Keep all of your relatives’ travel itineraries in one place.

Why you should get it: Keep all of your confirmation numbers, itineraries, and maps in one place. Plus you can add your relatives’ travel plans to your app so you know exactly when they arrive (and leave).
Cost: Free on Apple and Android.

4. Heads Up: A super entertaining game to play with your whole family

Why you should get it: Your whole family will love this game. It’s the perfect mix between charades and Catchphrase, but with no prep time. You can even watch back the video of everyone guessing and screaming.
Cost: Apple $0.99 / Android $0.99.

5. Spaceteam: Be antisocial, together with this multiplayer space game.

Why you should get it: This game is a hilarious way to break the family tension between Apple and Android users. The idea is simple — stop the spacecraft from exploding by operating the control panel on your phone. But there’s a catch: Everyone has to work together because only one phone has the instructions.
Cost: Free on Apple and Android.

6. OPlayer: Upload your movies to your phone in almost any format.

Why you should get it: Perfect for long flights and car rides. Plus it plays almost all movie formats including MKV and AVI.
Cost: Apple $2.99 / Android $2.97.

7. Black Friday App: Get the best deals without any of the drama.

Why you should get it: Black Friday is crazy enough without having to individually sift through every ad. Use this app to filter out exactly what you’re looking for and the best place to get it. And just to be sure you’re getting the best deal, download Amazon’s “Price Check” on Apple or Android to scan a barcode in store and compare prices online.
Cost: Free on both Apple and Android.

8. Evernote Food: Store all of your holiday recipes or find new ones.

Why you should get it: Note cards with food spilled all over them are cute, but this is much better. Store your favorite family recipes, look up new ones, and when all else fails… find a good restaurant nearby.
Cost: Free on Apple and Android.

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