61 Photos Of Cronut™ Imposters That Look Delicious

First of all, this is hilarious:

But also, true. See below.

1. The cronut at Dolce Latte bakery in the Philippines

2. The “Donut Croissant” at Dunkin’ Donuts in the Philippines

3. The cronut at Wildflour bakery in the Philippines

4. The cronut at Le Coeur de France bakery in the Philippines

5. The Croissant Doughnut at Banderole bakery chain in Japan

6. Crodo at Da Paolo Gastronomia in Singapore

7. New York Pie Donuts at a Dunkin’ Donuts in South Korea

8. The cronuts at Swissbeck bakery in Hong Kong

9. The cronuts at Café Mozu at Lebua, a hotel in Bangkok

10. Cronuts from a Bali catering company

11. The Dossant at MoVida bakery in Melbourne, Australia

12. Zonuts at Adriano Zumbo Patissier in Sydney, Australia

13. Cronuts at Jenny’s Bakery in Adelaide, Australia

14. Crodough at The Rinkoff in London

15. Cronuts at The Cake Shop in Woodbridge, England

16. Croissnut at Maritime Pasty Company in Halifax, Canada


17. The Crookie at Toronto’s Clafouti Patisserie et Cafe

18. Pillsbury’s Salted Caramel Crescent Doughnuts

19. Cronuts by BuzzFeed/Food52

We published a DIY recipe.

20. The Doughssants at Cake Hag bakery in Atlanta

21. The Broadmoor Donut in Colorado Springs, Colo.

22. The Doissant at Chocolate Crust in Washington, D.C.

23. Doughssants at Spudnuts in Los Angeles

24. Crullant at Semi Sweet Bakery in Los Angeles

25. Dossants at Circle City Sweets in Indianapolis, Indiana

26. Cronots made by pastry chef Roxana Jullapat of Cooks County in L.A.

27. “Squats” at Le Petit Bakery in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

28. Cronuts at Chicago bakery Glazed and Infused


29. Doughssants at Chicago’s West Town Bakery

30. Crognets at Chicago bakery La Boulangerie

31. Kronut at Chicago’s Alliance bakery

32. DKronuts at DK’s in Los Angeles


33. Cronuts at Pastisseria Lleonart in Sant Celoni, Spain

34. Croughnuts at Savor catering in Newport, Kentucky

35. Doughsants at The Sweetest Things, Mount Adams, Cincinnati.

36. Doughsants at Holtman’s Donuts, Loveland, Ohio

37. The Sconut at The Cheese Emporium & Cafe by Bruce & Son in Greenport, New York

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