40 Things Only Internet Feminists Will Understand

1. When somebody refers to you as an “Internet Feminist”:

What does that even mean?

2. When somebody with “conservative values” follows you on Twitter:

3. When a fellow feminist you really like says something shitty in an article:

What is even happening?

4. And then makes it even worse by being a dick about it on Twitter:

Please stop blocking everyone who disagrees with you on Twitter. So much for the Sisterhood, eh?

5. When someone says “so much for the Sisterhood”:


6. When one of your Facebook friends says something sexist:

7. When you realise you’re actually related to that person:

8. When you say something particularly badass and get loads of RTs:


9. When you post a photo of your manicure on Instagram and you’re told to “check your privilege”:

I did it myself using ORGANIC FAIR-TRADE NAIL VARNISH. What else do you people want from me?!

10. When Spotify unexpectedly unveils your un-feminist music choices to your Facebook friends:

11. And it’s hard to feel bad because the music is SO GOOD:


My feminist brain says no but my tapping foot says YES. This is the last time* I’m going to allow myself to listen to this.


12. When you realise feminists you thought were your friends are talking crap about something you wrote:

13. When people online make things about feminism when they don’t necessarily have to be:

Do we have to do this right now?! I just want to watch the VMAs…

14. When a male commentator on TV says something so feminist you want to hug him:

15. And then wonder why there wasn’t a woman on TV to talk about the same issue:

16. When another feminist tries to tell you the correct way to be a feminist:

17. When feminists are told to “stop complaining” on Twitter when raising a serious issue:

18. And then later the same week feminists are told they need to “speak up more”:

19. That time you had to Google “intersectional”:

20. That time you had to Google “Bechdel Test”:

22. And then drowned in a sea of guilt over your own privilege:


23. When you go to a feminist meetup and no one speaks to you:

It’s mostly because everyone is just a bit socially awkward but STILL.

24. When your favorite feminist follows you back on Twitter:

You like me! You really like me!

25. And then when you realise they’ve unfollowed you:

Was it something I said? (Yes.)

26. When you see women you really like being horrible to each other online:

Just stop it. STOP.

27. How you feel when you’re hanging out in the non-feminist parts of the internet:

28. When someone tells you what you’ve said isn’t feminist enough:

29. When the same five white feminists are on every panel, every list, and are asked to speak at every conference EVER:

How hard is it?!

30. When a feminist threatens to leave Twitter and the internet ONCE AND FOR ALL…


Peace out.

31. When a young girl reaches out to you because she wants to get more involved with feminism:

Start your blog, padawan. I will be your feminist spirit guide.

32. When a feminist you really like writes a book:

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