34 Things Argentines Know To Be True

1. You eat meat… A lot of meat… Any type of meat…

Meat, meat, meat, meat.

2. Fernet and Coke are the go-to drinks at any party.

3. But wine is also your specialty.

You know how to make them and how to drink ‘em.

4. This is what birthday cakes look like.

Lets be honest, chocotorta is the best thing you’ll ever eat.

5. You know you need to take a nap at 2 pm because you won’t go to the club til 2am

If anyone arrives before 4am they’ll be pretty much dancing by themselves.

6. Maradona is the best soccer player, end of discussion.

STAFF / AFP / Getty Images

Or should we just call him D10s?

7. Well, Messi is the OTHER best soccer player ever.

Albert Gea / Reuters

8. Watching ANY soccer match is almost like a religious experience.

9. Since we’re talking about soccer… Left: real football, right: handegg?


10. If you don’t spend your Sunday watching soccer you’re probably watching rugby.

11. But seriously, you are REALLY passionate about soccer.

12. You’re far too used to economic crises .

13. You treasure these because you never know when there will be a shortage of them.

14. You take pride knowing that some of the greatest inventions, like the ballpoint pen, came from Argentina.

15. Dr. Favaloro invented the bypass surgery. Decades later he committed suicide by shooting himself in the heart.


16. And Golf Sauce!

17. 6 million alfajores are eaten per day… BECAUSE OMG THEY’RE SO GOOD!

Although that number probably went up since the last study was performed in 2010.

18. Graduating from college is both fantastic and disgusting…


So I just spent four years studying so I could be covered in eggs, ketchup, and flour? Great.

19. You don’t say ‘che’ that often, but when you do you’re not necessarily talking about this dude.

20. No, we don’t all know how to dance Tango.

Flickr: gerardstolk / Creative Commons

But thanks for asking a gazillion times, anyways.

21. Everyone has a relative from Spain or Italy or both!

22. You’re tired of artists saying we’re the best audience ever, we know it already.

And of course we are!

23. You can’t buy these legally.

24. Sadly you know anything can be fixed with a little bribe.

25. Talking about politics will always end up in a fight, so you try your best to avoid it.

26. But it’s impossible to forget you had five presidents in one week.

27. At any given moment, somewhere someone is protesting for something.


28. You take pride in all you do… Like the widest avenue in the world being in Buenos Aires.

29. And you just can’t get over the fact that Buenos Aires is the Paris of South America.

30. Every summer you watch as this melts.

31. And hit the beach to work on your tan.


32. This happens far too many times, regardless of the season.

33. The most beautiful women live here.

34. Clearly you’re the best, because even the pope is Argie.

Alessandro Bianchi / Reuters

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