30 Things From The ’90s You’ve Probably Forgotten About

1. Bugle Boy Jeans


2. Hit Clips like this

What is the point of this? You only hear it in one ear?

3. Bubble Beepers

Completely useless. Just like regular beepers.

4. Crayola Art Studio 2

5. B*Witched

This Irish import’s one U.S. hit was very, very catchy.

6. Bath & Body Works’ “Art Stuff” line

Glitter lotion! Gimme! Gimme!

7. Cinn-a-Burst gum

They have “flavor crystals” whatever that means.

8. Vitamin C

Oh my goodness, that hair.

9. The Just Nikki catalog

10. Jimmy Kimmel on Win Ben Stein’s Money

11. The girl group 702 and their single, “Where My Girls At?”

12. Ethan Embry

Oh my god, you know, the kid from Can’t Hardly Wait? I love you.

13. Dharma & Greg

15. UPN

Remember this network?

16. Weinerville

Did anyone else find this Nickelodeon show creepy?

17. The Amelia’s Notebook series

More for girls coming of age in the late ’90s.

19. The WB show, Popular

OMG remember Leslie Bibb? This show was short-lived and started in 1999.

20. Loréal’s Rouge Pulp

If you had the blue one, you’re my hero.

21. Na Na

This store was bigger on the east and west coasts, but you might remember the logo/look because they advertised in the back of every Sassy.

22. Ear cuffs

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23. The shoe and clothing line, 26 Red Sugar

Available via the Delia’s catalog!

25. Craft Loops

Neon potholders for all!

27. Jesse Camp

Brenda Chase/Online USA, Inc.

Why? Just…why???

28. Curly Sue (1991)

29. MTV’s The Cut

Kind of like American Idol except way, way, way more amateur.

30. Nickelodeon’s time capsule

They buried this in 1992 and the important artifacts inside included a VHS of Home Alone and a Hammer CD.

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