29 Signs You Grew Up Playing Little League

1. You miss getting a trophy just for showing up.

2. A few of these are still stuck in your teeth.

3. You believe an assemblage of dirty cinder blocks is a sacred place.

4. You’ve said “good game” so much the words have lost all meaning.

5. You always slide, even if it’s totally unnecessary.

6. You’re something of a snack bar connoisseur.

7. You’ve conducted countless studies on the dandelion species.

8. You believe any problem can be solved by the awesome power of the rally cap.

9. You’ve learned that sometimes friends can let you down.

10. You still have nightmares about facing that one really big kid.

Columbia / Via viewrzbest.tumblr.com

11. You identify way too much with this Pizza Hut commercial.

12. You’d gladly trade your sugar-free “grownup” gum for a crate of this.

13. You’ve rocked this sweet tan line.

14. This is every triple you’ve ever hit.

15. In case of rainouts, you always had a backup plan.

16. You believe every good performance should be rewarded with ice cream.

17. Every coach you had looked like this.

18. You’ve mastered the art of ruining team photos.

19. You actually believed that a freak arm injury could give you super throwing powers.

20. You could’ve sworn this guy umped some of your games.

21. No matter how many times you heard this, which was A LOT…

Columbia / Via janelleabean.tumblr.com

22. …this was you after striking out.

A&E / Via knowyourmeme.com

23. Superstitious or not, there’s NO WAY you’re ever stepping foot on this.

24. You recognize this as the ultimate symbol of hustle.

25. You know the feeling of taking 45 minutes to put on catcher’s gear, only to realize you have to pee.

26. You are forever grateful for the mercy rule.

27. You know the glory of having your own baseball card.

28. No matter how lousy you were, you’ll always cherish the time spent with Dad.

29. You know nothing in life will ever be this easy ever again.

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