27 Signs You’re The George Costanza Of Your Friend Group

1. You, after being out for like an hour:

2. This is your sassiest comeback.

3. When your crush texts you and you can’t look, so you have your friend read it to you:

4. Sticking with your weekly book club isn’t totally your strong suit.


5. When you get stuck being designated driver:

6. When everyone asks why you’re single:

7. Everyone knows not to mess with your me time.

8. When a basic person is stealing the spotlight:

9. When everyone’s baffled by your lack of OKCupid success:

10. This is you at the bar:

11. And this is you at home:

12. You get freaked out when someone ignores your texts.

13. You’re always thinking this.

14. You have to bite your tongue when someone does something stupid.

15. When you’re all getting ready to go out, you’re like:

16. You’re always especially up to party when this happens.

17. When your friends call you on your crap:

18. When everyone’s having a deep conversation about emotions:

19. When someone says you should stop gossiping:

20. When everyone else gets a significant other:

21. You can always be counted on to save face.


22. When you suspect your friends are hanging out without you:

23. You might not have the best moves, but you rock them on the dance floor anyway.


24. You’re the first one to protest when your friends want to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

25. When everyone’s bored, you’re the first to volunteer a fun activity.

26. When you visit someone’s office:

27. When people ask what you do in your spare time:

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