27 Reasons Why Bonfire Night Is Better Than Halloween

2. Everybody going “ooooh” and “ahhh” in unison at fireworks is hilarious.

3. Toffee apples.

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4. There’s usually somewhere that accidentally lets off all its fireworks at once, which is always brilliant.

(As long as nobody gets seriously injured, obviously.)

6. Strangely disturbing health-and-safety posters.

7. Parkin.

Seriously, parkin is the best thing.

8. Sparklers!

Mike Hewitt / Getty Images

9. There’s mulled wine.

Because everything is better when it’s mulled.

10. You don’t have to dress up as a sexy anything.

11. Instead, you get to dress up WARM.

Flickr: remysharp / Creative Commons

Sexy duffel coats.

12. It’s an important annual boost for the firework-sales sector of the economy.

Flickr: epicfireworks / Creative Commons

13. But unlike Halloween, it’s not really about tacky commercialism.

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

Customers queue for Halloween costumes at Angels Fancy Dress in London, 28 October 2010.

14. It’s about the whole community coming together…

Flickr: megoizzy / Creative Commons

15. …to BURN STUFF.

Flickr: shaneglobal / Creative Commons


Flickr: kier14matrix / Creative Commons

17. Also, sparklers!

Flickr: barneymoss / Creative Commons

18. In some parts of the country, people run through the streets with fire, COMPLETELY IGNORING the health-and-safety posters.

That’s in Lewes.

The Ottery Tar Barrels.

19. Also, sometimes this happens.

Look, the burning crosses don’t have the same connotations, OK? It’s an old tradition. Shut up.

20. And OK, maybe there’s a bit of dressing up.

Flickr: montpelier / Creative Commons

21. Anyway, spaaaaaarkleeeeeers.

22. It is a symbol of the victory of democracy over terrorism, which means you can’t argue with it.

Oli Scarff / Getty Images

23. Although some people have…sort of forgotten that element of it.

The slightly less traditional burning of Lance Armstrong in effigy in Edenbridge, 2012.

24. But that’s good, because it means it’s not even really that much about the systematic demonisation and oppression of Catholics any more!

Franco Origlia / Getty Images / Via dwigif.appspot.com


25. Because ultimately, it’s really a celebration of light, and of warmth, and of companionship.

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26. A small, communal gesture to cast out the gloom; to banish the night; to fight back together against the encroaching darkness…

Flickr: danceswithlight / Creative Commons

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