25 Shocking And Disturbing Animal Ad Campaigns That Reveal A Painful Truth

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As our population grows, our want for extra resources, commodities, and luxuries has placed us in a direct path against nature’s wildlife. And even though the animal ad campaigns you are about to see state different messages, the truth they reveal is no less painful. You may just see wildlife differently after looking at these 25 shocking and disturbing animal ad campaigns.

25. The Show Mustn’t Go On

24. Wild Life Vandalism: What Will It Take Before We Respect The Planet?


22. What On Earth Are We Doing To Our Planet?

21. Fighting Cosmetic Testing

20. Don’t Buy Exotic Animal Souvenirs

19. Wildfires Burn More Than Trees

18. Imagine This Is Yours

17. If You don’t Pick It Up They Will

16. Frightening And More Frightening

15. Sewing Pattern Leopard Skin Jacket

14. Rhino Horn Is Made Of The Same Stuff As Human Nails.

13. Fashion Claims More Victims Than You think

12. If You See An Animal, You’re Missing Something

11. Will Only Words Remain?

10. Nothing We Do Will Ever Bring Them Back

9. Every 60 Seconds A Species Dies Out


7. Don’t Treat Others The Way You Don’t Want To Be Treated

6. Help Make This Species Extinct

5. Desertification Destroys 6,000 Species Every Year



2. Stop Animal Testing

1. You Dump More Than Just Your Trash

The truth is we are abusing our animals, and one day we won’t have them any more. Do you think these animal ad campaigns are effective in changing people’s minds and behavior?

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