25 Real And Hilarious Reasons Why You Need To Hit The Gym

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Have you been putting off joining a gym? Well, these reasons should convince you on all the benefits of getting off the couch and back into the work out zone!…Let’s GO it’s time to hit the gym!

25. You can catch up on the CNN you’ve been missing

CNN is always on in every gym in America. It’s apparentlya law. Breaking news while you start breaking a sweat. It just makes sense.

24. You can have awkward conversations with people you’d never talk to anywhere else

There is plenty of conversation to be had! Gyms are full of chatty people who don’t care if you have headphones on.

23. You get the chance to use that water bottle you bought while you had the ambition to need it

Amazon.com Buy-with-one-click along with a new gym membership has massive potential for new random items.

22. All the free water you can get your hands on

Free water pairs quite well with your new water bottle.

21. You get to see old naked people in the locker room

You don’t want to look but you can’t look away.

20. You can sign up for a soccer league and then never go

It’s a great opportunity to give someonea chance to bringyour extra jersey to every gameand wonder where you are.

19. You can hear grown men yell sporadically at themselves

Something like, “Geeeyaahhhhh!! COME ON, BRO!”

18. It’s always nice to have an excuse to wear fingerless gloves

Fingerless gloves are so in right now. Or they will be in eventually, and you’ll just be ahead of the curve.

17. Tell people you’re going to the gym

What’s better than actually going to the gym? Telling people you are going to the gym.

16. You can reward your efforts by doubling the calories you just burned off

Nothing tops off an hour of calorie burning like a nice #4 from your favorite fast food chain.

15. When is the last time you got to use a locker?

Lockers are fun and there are not enough of them in our daily lives.

14. You can catch up on the latest mustache trends

Also the latest chest hair trends. Let that hamburger meat out in the open, bro.

13. Get some encouragement

Look at a bunch of people who are better looking than you are and look better by association.

12. You get to see what the veins in your forehead look like

They say true beauty is under the skin.

11. There’s no such thing as too many cut off T-shirts

Gotta let those pythons breathe.

10. You can watch guys hit on girls who hate it

Yes, she comes here often. That’s why she has a membership.

9. You can watch people who don’t know how to use the equipment

It’s like watching a dog do a jigsaw puzzle.

8. You can watch yourself not know how to use the equipment

Feel the burn! Push stuff around until it hurts!

7. Take some selfies

Give the people what they want! Everyone wants to see more gym selfies!

6. You can help strangers take selfies

I guess they wouldn’t really be selfies anymore. But a helping hand can really up the number of Instagram likes.

5. Watch people get off the treadmill

Arguably the most entertaining thing to do at the gym. Until they have a 30 minute show of it on Netflix, this is the only option.

4. You can spend $60 a month on a gym membership instead of on your children

Your kids have enough toys.

3. You can find out what a hernia feels like

Go big or go home. And then go to the hospital.

2. You get a good lesson in humility

Every time you lower the weight of the previous person on the machine, it’s a nice way to lower your self esteem as well.

1. You get to watch old people kill it at the gym

Why not work up an unnecessary sweat while working up a sweat? Are you about to hit the gym? Maybe these Gym fails will convince you otherwise.

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