25 Pets That Have No Idea How To Use Human Things. The Results Are Hilarious… LOL.

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When you have a pet, it becomes part of your family. And when pets become part of the family, sometimes they forget they aren’t human. However, from time to time, pets are reminded of the fact that they are animals when they try to use our furniture. We designed chairs, sofas and tables for people with two legs, not four. So, when pets use our furniture, it can have a hilarious result.

This is how I do it, right?

Looks… comfortable?


But I wanted to look outside…

Send in the rescue team!!!

I’m pretty sure this is how you use an end table.

So close.

I swear I’m comfortable.

Napping doesn’t always require a comfortable position.

I’m not even sure how this happened.

Stools are hard to use, don’t be embarrassed.

A clean dog is a happy dog.

Another soul claimed by the crack of doom.

Hammocks are cruel jokes.

Who knew chairs could be so dangerous?



I wanted to help you pick out your clothes!

Lounging is hard for big dogs.

I may be stuck, but I still look cool.

Couches are too hard to use correctly.

Furniture is scary. Just ask the cat.

Nothing is more adorable than a kitten stuck between couch cushions, and that’s a scientific fact. Via Sad and Useless Share these hilarious (but adorable) animals battling furniture. Spread some smiles!

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