25 Most Useless Inventions Ever

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If you have seen our list of life-altering inventions then you know what it’s like when some nifty individual comes along and turns our world upside down with their creative genious. For every successful invention out there, however, there is a whole slew of failures and every once in a while those failures not only go down in history as being completely and utterly useless, but they do but they also end up on lists such as this one. These are the 25 most useless inventions ever.

25. Portable Chin Rest

24. Control Alt Delete Wand

23. Wind Powered Clothes Dryer

22. Baby Mop

21. Solar Powered Cigarette

20. Car Exhaust Grill

19. Head Mounted Toilet Paper Dispenser

18. Two Person Sweatshirt

17. Lipstick Assistant

16. The Perfect Eyedrop

15. Steering Wheel Tray

14. Butterstick

13. Shoe Umbrellas

12. Picnic Pants

11. Swiss Army Shovel

10. Pet Butt Covers

9. Noodle Fan

8. Snowball Maker

7. Subway Sleep Guard

6. Incognito Barefoot Shoes

5. Total Body Umbrella

4. Revolving Ice Cream Cone

3. Diet Water

2. Cereal Bowl Spoon Holder

1. DVD Rewinder

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