23 Things Parents Should Never Apologize For

1. Breastfeeding.


Anyone who gives you side-eye for feeding your baby – in public, at work, or anywhere else – is the one with the problem.

2. Bottle feeding.

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You’re doing what’s best for your family, and your kid is getting fed. End of story.

3. Daughters who love princesses or sons who love superheroes.


Your kids like what they like.

4. Also, daughters who love superheroes or sons who love princesses.

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Haters to the left.

5. Liking your kid’s shows and music.


What? That Ariana Grande can really sing.

6. Carrying around a few extra pounds.


You’re doing your best to eat well, and you’re not twenty-one anymore. Also, Oreos.

7. Embarrassing your kids.


No matter what you do your kids will find something to face palm over, so don’t sweat it. Also, it’s kind of hilarious to watch.

8. Telling your kid “no.”

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Your kids may not like it, but it’s good for them.

9. Taking your kids on a plane.

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You do your best to keep your kids well behaved in the air, and what are you supposed to do? Stop flying for a decade just because you have kids?

10. Not always thinking that your kid is a ray of sunshine.

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Kids can be little assholes every now and then, and it’s okay to notice. Really.

11. Letting your kid use electronics.

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Letting your kids use electronics in moderation is good because the future will be even more technology-focused than it is now.

12. Taking your kid to a family restaurant.

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It’s called a family restaurant for a reason.

13. Lying to your kid.


There are plenty of things kids just don’t need to know about.

14. Being out of touch with pop culture.


It will all be on Netflix in a few years, anyway.

15. When your kid melts down in public.

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It happens to every. single. kid.

16. Taking “me” time.

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It’s good for you AND your kid.

17. When your kid meets milestones.

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If your kid walks later than other kids, don’t worry. They won’t be crawling off to college, I promise.

18. Missing a friend’s party or outing.


You love your friends and try to be there for them, but when you have kids it’s not always possible to get to everything… and it’s okay.

19. Sometimes missing not being able to do what you want, when you want.


It doesn’t mean you regret having kids. It’s just human nature.

20. Being tired.


If anyone takes issue with this, ask them if they’d like to watch your kids for a day.

21. Not wanting to watch movies where bad things happen to kids.

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Yeah, no thanks. What else is there?

22. Being a stickler about safety.

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Trying to keep your kid in one piece doesn’t make you a helicopter parent.

23. How much you love your kid.

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There’s never, ever any reason to apologize for this.

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