23 Sexy Actors Who Could Serenade You To Sleep

1. Robert Downey Jr.

Uh, if Sting invites you to sing at his 60th birthday party, you know you must be good. Or almost as good as whoever sang at his 50th birthday party. The man can hold his own!

2. Ryan Gosling

Kevin Winter/Staff

Watching him perform on Jimmy Kimmel is like standing at your microwave waiting for your 94% fat-free popcorn to finish, just chock-full of anticipation! If he asked us to listen to him sing “Happy Birthday” on repeat we’d happily drop whatever it is that we were doing and listen until we lost interest.

3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Frederick M. Brown/Stringer

AHHH. This guy is like a songbird but minus the wings and in man form. He’s like that guy who insists on playing his acoustic guitar at all your parties, but not annoying.

4. Chris Pine

Lisa Maree Williams/Stringer

Finding out Chris Pine was really singing in Small Town Saturday Night is like finding a new towel-shaped animal on your cruise ship pillow. IT’S JUST PLAIN EXCITING.

5. Jamie Foxx

Mike McGregor/Stringer

Listen to his sensual cover of The Brady Brunch theme song. I mean, really? He plays the piano too??

6. Keegan Allen

Christopher Polk/Staff

Pretty Little Liars fans, unite and take a deep breath. As Lloyd Christmas would say, “I LIKE IT A LOT.”

7. Jeremy Renner

Jason Merritt/Staff

This SNL monologue is to die for. Not literally, of course. He’s absolutely making the top five on the imaginary ranking that’s been taking place this whole time.

8. Zachary Levi

Robin Marchant/Stringer

After watching this whole video, my heart’s been warmed. Must be the hair. Or the face. The beard? Whatever the reason, I will be attending First Date on Broadway, just because of him.

9. Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard playing the guitar on The Late Show is amazing. His voice is so calming, like my grandma’s, but less old.

10. Chris Hemsworth

Jason Merritt/Staff

If you can get past the soap opera bits in Home & Away, you’ll be SOLD. Try to imagine a Hemsworth brother on your porch, with a guitar and a ’90s haircut. YES, PLEASE.

11. Hugh Grant

Kevin Winter/Staff

The amount of times I’ve heard ladies guffaw over Hugh Grant in Notting Hill is OUT OF THIS WORLD. When he fell down the fence and said, “Whoopsie daisy,” pheromones were secreted in all directions. Now fast-forward to Music & Lyrics, same situation.

12. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Gareth Cattermole/Staff

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an obvious choice. Anyone who saw him in August Rush was like, “Whaaaaaaaa.” And then like, “OMG.” He’s fine. He’s classic. He’s marvelous.

13. Vin Diesel

Ethan Miller/Staff

Regular Vin is spectacular. Singing Vin is MAGNIFICIENT. He’s like a lion that helps a mouse cross the road, strong and sensitive.

14. Kevin Bacon

Jason Merritt/Staff

This clip of his and his brother’s band is delightful. I have found six degrees of Kevin Bacon and they’re all in this video. Whatever that means.

Nicholas Hoult

Kevin Winter/Staff

Here’s hoping you’ve seen at least one episode of Skins. He played Tony and Tony can sing. He was already a womanizing flirt and now there’s no stopping him.

15. Idris Elba

Amanda Edwards/Stringer

Who knew Idris had an alter ego named Driis?? His voice is like a two-week-long Hawaiian vacation: You never want it to stop but eventually it does and then you keep wishing it hadn’t. It’s like a tropical flower — the real kind not the clip art version.

16. Pierce Brosnan

Ian Gavan/Staff

Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia made me laugh out loud. Not only because he completely destroyed his James Bond persona, but mostly because he’s actually got some singing chops!

17. Damian Lewis

Stephen Lovekin/Staff

His appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show made my day and I’m sure more days after this one. He’s like a British Elvis with red hair.

18. Jack Black

Chelsea Lauren/Stringer

I can’t stop watching this performance of him on American Idol. Also, I saw Tenacious D at Bonnaroo and there were robots involved. So, yeah. You could say he knows how to party likes it 2072.

19. Ewan McGregor

Jason Merritt/Staff

I’m down with his love, if you know what I’m saying. The proof is in that man’s pudding. By pudding, I mean vocal cords, obviously. Gross, guys.

20. Johnny Depp

Atsushi Tomura/Stringer

OK, so I know this clip is from Sweeney Todd and it’s totally creepy and weird that he’s holding a razor blade. BUT, if you really take the time to picture him sans pointy object and without his muttonchops, HE’S FANTASTIC.

21. Matt Bomer

Christopher Polk/Staff

Matt isn’t even singing seriously between takes in this video. THIS IS HIS JOKE VOICE. It’s majestic. Ahhhh. A moment, please.

22. James Marsden

Christopher Polk/Staff

Despite the fact that he’s acting like he’s on hallucinogenic drugs during this Death at a Funeral scene, he’s still won our hearts and our vagenes.

23. James McAvoy

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Staff

James sings for a wee bit in ShakespeaRe-Told: Macbeth. If you haven’t seen it, YOU MUST WATCH NOW. His Scottish accent makes men, women, and animals swoon everywhere.

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