23 Reasons “Going The Distance” Is The Perfect Romantic Comedy

1. Because it’s a sweet and grounded romance.

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2. That’s also funny as hell.

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3. Because it’s gloriously raunchy.

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4. There is a lot of sex. It’s very real and very hilarious.

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5. People get horny, OK?

6. And they do whatever it takes to get by.

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7. Because it’s bromantic.

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8. These buddy sidekicks are the most delightful additions.

9. Jason Sudeikis is simultaneously sleazy and attractive.

10. Charlie Day is adorable, even when he’s pooping.


11. Don’t even get me started on Christina Applegate, who is perfect.

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12. Because it’s not afraid to get a little heavy.

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13. It depicts the realities of a long-distance relationship.

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14. All the hours spent on the phone.

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15. Laughs aside, there’s so much pain.

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16. And longing.

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17. It’s almost too much to bear.

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18. But there’s joy, too. Obviously.

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19. There’s also Justin Long’s bare ass. That’s reason enough to rent it RIGHT NOW.

20. Because it’s about choosing love over logic.

21. Impractical as that is, it’s really fucking romantic.

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22. Though it can also be messy.

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23. But when it’s over, you’ll be a little more in love with love. And that’s what romantic comedies are all about.

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