23 Questions “Sesame Street” Has Left Unanswered

1. What does Oscar do on trash day?

If he oversleeps, does he sometimes wake up in the dump?

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2. Does Big Bird have a weight problem?

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3. Does Cookie Monster have an eating disorder?

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4. If “C is for cookie,” why is that good enough for him?

Is this because Cookie Monster has renounced all his worldly possessions and all he needs is one letter? Is C an enigma that requires too much effort to comprehend? Or perhaps Cookie Monster just has low standards? CAN’T HANDLE THE MYSTERY.

5. Has the neighborhood changed much since the ’70s? Have rents skyrocketed?

My guess is that most apartments on Sesame Street are rent-controlled. Lucky.


6. How do Bert and Ernie pay the rent? Where does the money come from?

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7. Moreover, are they or aren’t they?

8. Is the Count a vampire? And if so, how is he feeding?

9. Do Sesame Street residents actually like Grover? Or are his eccentricities merely tolerated?

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10. How come Elmo talks in the third person? (Paging Dr. Freud.)

11. How does Kermit split his time between Sesame Street and The Muppet Show? Is the commute between the two very long?

12. Do the muppets of Sesame Street ever cut their hair or groom their fur? Does that stuff grow?

13. Although Maria ends up marrying Luis, she’s in a relationship with David beforehand. What went wrong between them?

14. Oscar and his girlfriend Grundgetta — soulmates or sworn enemies?

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15. How come Grover had to work when none of the other Sesame Street muppets did? Did Grover have money problems?

16. How come no one calls Mr. Snuffleupagus by his first name?

His first name is actually Aloysius, so is it a respect thing? Otherwise, it’s a bit funny considering “Snuffleupagus” is also his species. Kind of like calling him Mr. Human.

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17. How much does it cost to stay in The Furry Arms Hotel?

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18. Do the residents of Sesame Street watch the Sesame Street News Flash or is it just for us?

19. Wait…since the muppets talk directly to the camera, and seem to know we’re watching them…do they know they’re on TV?

20. And if so….when cameras go off, are the muppets then TV celebrities?

BEImages/Henry Lamb/Photowire

21. Or is it more like reality TV since real people like Ice-T come on the show?

22. OMG is Sesame Street real? And if so…

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23. How DO you get to Sesame Street?

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