23 Greatest Feelings On A Family Road Trip

1. Getting an iced cold drink at the rest stop after a long, hot stretch in the car.

2. Being the first one to spot a VW Bug.

3. When it’s your turn to pick the music everyone listens to.


4. Dominating the beef jerky aisle at every single gas station.

5. Going to the bathroom after two hours with no rest stops.

6. Bonding as a family.

Fox Searchlight

7. Eating fast food for every meal, and not feeling guilty at all.

8. Getting some peace and quiet because everyone fell asleep.

9. Making it through a toll booth without paying.


10. Binging on sweet gas station finds.


11. Stopping at a random place and feeling like you discovered something new.

12. Having the perfect song come on shuffle.

13. Stopping off at randomly themed diners.

14. Finding super cheap gas in the middle of the country.

15. Reading all the hilarious road signs.

16. Stumbling upon strangely awesome roadside attractions.

17. Finishing that book you’ve been meaning to read, because you actually have nothing else to do.

18. Losing cell service and coming up with a creative way to entertain yourself.

Cartoon Network

“I Spy,” anyone?

19. Finding the perfect sleeping position.

20. Checking into the hotel and immediately crashing.


21. Sticking your hand out of the window and feeling absolutely carefree.

22. Arriving at the place you’ve been driving to for days making it all worth it.


23. And of course, not having to be stuck in the car with your family anymore.

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