21 People On Twitter Who Are Voting To Annoy Russell Brand


The comedian told people not to vote and to wait for the revolution. A lot of people seem to disagree. (Strong language.)

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Olivia Harris / Reuters 1. George Berridge @George_Berridge

Top three reasons to vote (ascending order): It'll annoy Russell Brand.Democracy.It'll annoy Russell Brand.

2. HeardinLondon @HeardinLondon

Sorry @rustyrockets but I just voted, because I am concerned about racists having power. Also, I want to support people doing positive work.

3. Ghost Snow @GhostTheWolf

Right UK tweeps over 18. Fuck Russell brand. Get out there and vote. Our grandfathers died so that we could.

4. Sam Golden @GoldenGatsby

Stick it to @rustyrockets and vote #europeanelections

12. Dan Crellin @Dan_Crellin

Wish Russell Brand would have made some more inroads on his replacement to parliamentary democracy before I waste my time voting… FFS

13. Sean Longcroft @sean_longcroft

Please vote today Brits. Hopefully every vote will tell UKIP that they're nitwits, but they'll certainly remind @rustyrockets that he is one

14. Sadie Smith @smithsky1979

We can't fail to vote today. That way, Russell Brand wins.

15. Joe Lamb @HEELLAMB

It's a day to exercise your right to vote, or sit home listening to @rustyrockets podcasts due to complete disillusionment and indifference

16. Gerrarrdus @Gerrarrdus

Don't forget. A vote wasted is a vote for Russell Brand.

17. Matthew Webb @MatthewWebbUK

Ignore Russell brand and go out and bloody vote. People died for that shit.

18. Ian Hyland @HylandIan

Make sure you vote today. Even if it's just to piss off Russell Brand.Actually, ESPECIALLY if it's just to piss off Russell Brand.

19. Giles Dilnot @reporterboy

If Russell Brand is reading the same timeline as me ….boy did he get it wrong

20. Dean Burnett @garwboy

Starting to wonder if Russell Brand may have pulled off the most audacious use of reverse psychology in history.

21. Andy Dawson @profanityswan

Remember, fail to vote and there's only ONE winner – a thesaurus-snorting pretend pirate Cockney.

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