20 Ways It Pays To Be A Grammar Nerd

Simon Horobin, an English professor at Magdalen College, Oxford, asked the audience at the Telegraph Hay Festival: Do we really need the apostrophe?

He added that “sometimes we have to accept spellings change”.

He added, “Spelling is not a reliable indication of intelligence.”

And sure enough, grammar Nazis were immediately out in force.

1. You know what? They’re right. Grammar is important. Forgetting a simple apostrophe can lead to this.

3. And (shudder) all these.


Hang your head in shame, Tesco.

6. It’s important to get your commas right, too.


This certainly limits who can use this toilet.


I’ve heard that informing Facebook of your assassination plans may not go down too well.

15. And don’t just add quotation marks because you feel like it, you just sound sarcastic.

Don’t worry, the gates aren’t really locked. We’re only pretending.


The workers are actually plants. We just like to call them men.


So… do you want us to drink the water or not?

18. And don’t even get me started on overusing exclamation marks.

19. This article sums it up nicely.

20. So remember, be careful with your grammar. It really does a difference.

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