19 Reasons Snape Is The BFF You Want And Need

1. He always remembers to compliment you.


2. He has the best wardrobe to borrow clothes from.

3. He’s a man of words and action.

4. He sends you disapproving Snapchats to help you judge others when he’s not there.


5. He can bring a smile to literally anyone’s face.

6. He’ll make you be honest with yourself.

7. He’s comfortable just hanging out and not talking if that’s what you need.

8. He’s an avid reader and therefore brilliant.

9. But he’ll read the gossip rags and be like, “OMG look at her butt” with you.

10. He knows how to have a good time.

11. He won’t let anyone talk shit about you.

12. He’s your biggest cheerleader.

13. He won’t let you ruin your life or haircut on an irrational revenge driven whim.

15. He will literally light up your world.

16. He loves the internet as much as you do.

17. No, seriously, he fangirls just as hard as you do.

18. He gives the BEST hugs.

19. And you two will be best friends always.

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