18 Everyday Problems Only Muslims Will Understand

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But is it halal?

1. You’ve prayed for something really unnecessary at one point in your life – and then immediately felt guilty afterwards.

Mohammad Z @Moweezy91

Looked everywhere and couldnt find my cd player… I start praying salatul Asr.. Boom, i remember where it is! Smh #MuslimProblems

2. You spend your bank holidays in bed, watching various series on Netflix.

Luca Brasi ♈ @A1_Mujic

Another holiday talked about all over my timeline I don't celebrate lol #muslimproblems

3. Especially since everyone is busy hanging out with their families.

shutupzainab @zainabsyedaa

When you ask your friends to hang out on Sunday and they tell you it's Easter. #muslimproblems

4. Which also means you probably don’t get presents during Christmas and Easter.

Zahraa @zahraaxxo

My dad has just asked me if I wanted a Christmas egg……… #MuslimProblems

5. Oh, and when you’re on holiday, you mess up your sleeping pattern, which leaves you asking serious questions.

Mushtaq @dualeroda

Wait. Fajr is in two hours. I should just stay up. If I go to sleep now, I won't be able to wake up in 2 hours. #MuslimProblems

6. Speaking of praying, don’t pretend that you’ve never lost attention for a second and forgotten where you are.


7. You *love* the idea of brunch but the best things on the menu are never halal, which severely limits your options.

Bellal @bellalamerkhail

Breakfast menus would be so much more appealing if 99% of the menu didn't consist of bacon and/or pork. #MuslimProblems

8. Here’s another thing: You often get asked really stupid questions.


9. Really stupid questions.

cba @_amaldontcxre

#MuslimProblems – When its raining and ur using a brolly then someones like why do u need it u got a scarf like say my scarf is waterproof

10. Really, really, really stupid questions.

Zahra @zahra_313

#MuslimProblems “OMG so like u don't eat or drink for A WHOLE MONTHH????? But like u can drink water right???!!!!”

11. You’ve accidentally eaten something before you’ve realised you’re fasting at least once in your life.


12. You know someone with an unfortunate name.

Confucius @Nabil_Ghaffer

#MuslimProblems *eating sweets* 'I swear they have gelatine!' Me:

17. One more thing: You can sometimes fall behind on new songs, or an entire pop culture phenomenon. What the hell is normcore, anyway?

Sana Saeed @SanaSaeed

Shots just came on this youtube playlist and I thought it was about gun violence. #MuslimProblems

18. And finally, you’re almost certainly familiar with people mispronouncing your name.


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