17 Creative Ways To Mock The EDL

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EDL supporters demonstrate at the entrance to Downing Street, May 27.

1. Organise a counter-demonstration.

Weyman Bennett (pictured) of Unite Against Fascism told the EDL supporters gathered at Westminster: “We are the majority – you will fail like the the NF and the BNP.”

2. Invite them round for tea.

3. Politely urge them to look again at their choice of meeting place.

4. Deliberately get them mixed up with EDF Energy.

5. But be sure to clear up any genuine misconceptions.

6. Subtly disrupt their plans.

In case you didn’t get the prank: E20 didn’t exist at the time (pre-Olympics) this was posted. It was the fictional London postal district in EastEnders.

7. Point out the tiny, but significant, flaws in their tattoos.

8. (Their banners could do with a bit of work, too).

Jonathan Andrews / Via Flickr: jonoortrev

Photo by Jonathan Andrews.

9. Engage them in intellectual debate.

10. Give smart-arse responses to their questions.

11. Create an amusing hashtag.

13. Pick them up on factual errors.

14. Whatever they do, do the opposite.

A JustGiving page set up by Rich David.

15. Turn their interviews into a vocoder-heavy pop song.

But the most effective way to mock the EDL?

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

17. Let their words, and actions, speak for themselves.

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images
JONATHAN POW/PA Photos /Landov

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