15 Ways to Get Past an Awkward Moment

We’ve all been in awkward situations, our lives are full of them. Nobody’s perfect, but how you handle it can turn an awkward moment into a partial win. Below you will see 15 awkward situations and what these people did to try and turn it around. It might not always work but the best you can do is try, and nobody can take that away from you! (They still might laugh though)

1. Just Keep Walking and Don’t Look Back

2. Stay the Course

3. Act Natural

4. Scratch your nose (or stroke your chin)

5. Wait for Assistance

6. Keep Your Momentum

7. Just Hug It Out

8. Don’t Let It Phase You

9. Act Like You Meant To Do It

10. Follow Through By Any Means Necessary

11. Ride It Out and Hope for the Best

12. Make Light Of It

13. Be Nonchalant About The Whole Thing

14. Hope Nobody Saw It

15. Accept Defeat and Walk Away


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